Get off the Phelps Bandwagon

Michael Phelps has been the talk of the sporting news the past week, and rightfully so. He won eight gold medals at the Olympics in swimming. I watched the two closest races and they were thrilling. But as impressive as his feat is, I am sick and tired of people calling him the greatest athlete of all time, or the greatest Olympian. There was a poll on ESPN today asking if what Phelps’ did this past week was the greatest athletic achievement of all time (as in ever). 73% of the freaking United States voted yes, which made me want to vomit. I like to think I give credit where credit is due, but this whole Michael Phelps phenomenon is to much for me to handle. Maybe the US media is blowing it out of proportion to take the attention away from the fact that China has almost twice as many gold medals as America. I just don’t get it. Anyway, the following link it to a good article about other Olympians who achieved greater feats.,0,1139778.story


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