In the past eight-to-nine years when the Ironthumb guys would get together and hang out, video games would most likely be the main event for the social gathering. Once we all turned legal age drinking was thrown into the mix. But before video games and beer there was another activity that united the men of Ironthumb, sports. The one sport we all played when we were little was soccer. Four of us happened to play on the same team, the Lake City Cyclones. Throughout the years many different sports teams have been graced with multiple Ironthumbers. Besides soccer, we participated in baseball, cross country, track, wrestling, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee together. Not to mention the non-organized sports we played together like badminton, hacky sack, and bocce ball. This page was created to keep people updated on sporting news from local teams and around world, and also as a way to honor the original pastime of Ironthumb.


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